New England, North and South

A Ruffled Stillness

Upper Hadlock pond is not very large, perhaps 40-50 acres. It is backed by beautiful mountains, but the pond lies less that 100 feet from the road with only grass in between.

The reeds are a patch about 200 feet long and right at the water’s edge. The only time I have seen other photographers near the pond their cameras were pointing at the mountains across the water. However, my tastes run to the subtle designs formed by the reeds, the accents of the lily pads and the way the reeds sway and the waves move on the water as well as the variations between quiet and windy days. I visited the pond on every trip to that part of Maine.

The second pond is off I-93 in New Hampshire. I found it one afternoon trying to return to the back country to do more shooting. I never did get into the back country because this single pond was along the road leaving the interstate and was so lovely. However, there were no signs and I can’t find it on a satellite view so it remains “A Pond in New Hampshire.”

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