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An Exalted Public Service

A  Path of Light

Ground covers are of two kinds: permanent exhibits or short shows, and by short it could mean seconds.

The first two images are blueberries and teaberries with some raindeaar moss and are likely to be around for a while. The second and third are temporary exhibits, and are likly there just for a day. “Textures in Leaves” in particular has some unusual pinkish maple leaves. I like the subtle coloring but it is likely to be gone in a day or two.

It is also likely that they are overlooked unless hikers are of the “sauntering” type. (See Henry David Thoreau’s Walden for a bit of explanation. Sauntering, by the way, was outlawed in Concord, Massachusetts for a time. Henry considered it a vital occupation.)

The image to the right is one of my wife’s favorites. You would most likely find something like it in northern Maine. This one was along the Ledges Trail in Baxter State Park in Maine.

Vintage Textures
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