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Nearby is a bit of an understatement. The path that circumnavigates the Pond was once a water link between the Pond and Wyman’s Meadow. The DPW filled it in to make the long walk possible. This is the path I followed in my second visit to the Pond on October 19, 1991.

I had no idea this vernal pool was there and got my first clue from glimmers in the water as I walked by. Eventually I put my tripod down at the edge of the pool. Neaby and hidden are understatements. Below is what I found that one afternoon plus a week or two later and more.

For ten years I returned ever autumn. The year’s rains mostly determined what would happen. Some years it was nearly dry and in other years it was overflowing. In either case there were few water-shields.

But occasionally more magic happened.

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