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Spring Trees

Discovering The Canopy ~ Selections

Discovering The Canopy ~ Complete

So try to see the trees like this, so try to see the trees—

birds do it, perhaps flying insects too, but only entrepreneurs of photography

and drivers of broken down autos

may also see it if they chance to notice the view.

Trees and their canopies do not just exalt

in sunlight and rain, they breath for us,

so the sea of carbon becomes the sire of all that grows,

and for our lungs and spirits it provides, and —

Oh! a tree with the spirit of Van Gogh.

My god...I cannot tell you of the glow in me to see

from all places The Pike!, and sitting on a steel rail

with Boston’s morning business roaring by a photograph

now forever in a museum. What fortune to find hidden

so nearby, I had never before thought to look.

Spring Flowers

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So New England Monthly called them “Turnpike Pics” for a feature spread far and wide, but publicity is welcome despite a title a bit too obvious. In this gallery the first eleven images are either at the Weston Overlook or the Millbuty entrance ramp of the Massachusetts Turnpike. (It is the longest and northernmost Interstate Highway extending from Logan Airport to Seattle.)

The first photo below is, in fact, in a Cincinnati museum and I went a bit bananas when I first looked over the guardrail in Weston, Mass. and saw acres of pointillism from up close and high because Mr. Perini was asked to fill the valley and so provided me a place to stand. (I heard long ago that the filling for the Pike came from decapping The Mountain on which Bose headquarters now stand, an irony or coincidence almost beyond belief.)

Among others, these photographs changed me forever and became the first suggestion for hidden and nearby and I wondered if any of the thousands of commuters glanced over for a hint of what I saw.

I thought shoot from an Interstate a handful of feet from rush hour? You gotta be kidding and I tried every which way and got lucky for an entrance ramp provided parking space beyond the breakdown lane and a walk of a few hundred feet though with a precarious foot hold.

But this was just the beginning for the various species of tree turned various colors at various times and provided something that felt like fall, but was so beautifully painted and I came (after suitable negotiations with the Pike Authority and Pike Police) again and again for ten years.


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