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What would a New England Autumn Be Without Colorful Trees?

And a drab rainy bone chilling November. Or a white Christmas.

I know! because for more than a decade that is what we have known. In 2002 at Walden Pond I shot my last truly red tree. We have moved three temperate zones south. And I am combing through my thousands of transparencies a little more thoroughly for these are now images of a legacy. The Creation gave us many splendors, most of which we just accepted as our due.

It kind of crept up on me, decades ago when I didn’t know what global warming meant. And you can read the rest of the story in the section on Walden.

Here I have wandered (and wandered) primarily thorugh Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and The Great Smokie Mountains. I was fortunate enough to have two exhibitions in the south that I attended: one in the spring and one in the fall an so had that fabulous pleasure of driving through Gattlensburg and having civilization disappear in my rear view mirror.

Fall Morning
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