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Sudbury River

Spring Morning After Storm

Spring Morning After Storm

Sudbury River, Ashland, Massachusetts
May 1991, cat. JW 0400

The Sudbury River begins in Westborough, Massachusetts which was very close to our former home in Southborough. The river passed with about 1/4 mile of our home on its way to Ashland where most of my photographs of the river were made.

It is ironic that the location I worked from was directly across the road from the department of public works where I would park my car. It was then a few hundred feet to the small bridge where I would climb down just enough to have a space out of the line of traffic.At this point the road took a sharp turn. The irony (which I often feel) is that these beautiful images were seen by almost no one. Certainly no driver would be looking in the right direction while navigating an automobile. But being about a mile from my home I came often at sunrise and sunset.

The Sudbury River eventually merges with the Assabet River to form the Concord river.

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