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First In The Imagination Of The Universe

Milkweed I

Mathametically a singularity is a mathametical function that lasts for zero time but is infinitely high.

When I was studying electircal engineering in the 1960s if my memory is correct they were not accepted as valid by mathaeticians. Infinities of any kind present conceptual and calculation problems. However, to an engineer they were a great convenience, a way to simuate a very short kick to a circuit and watching to see what happens. Eventually manthamaticians came around.

In cosmology the big bang theory of the creation of the universe postulates a the big bang as a singularity, with some qualifications. It is postulated that the big bang lasts for the shortest time quantum mechanical theory allows, the so-called Planck Time (about 10-34 seconds and a length (this is space-time) of about 10-44 cm, both vastly smaller than any other tie or dimension in physics. I read that the height is infinite, but I do not believe it is, but it is certainly enormous for it accounds for more energy than necessary to create the universe. I choose to use the term here partly because of my fascination with cosmoloty and partly becuase of the impression the milkweeks—life after death—make on me. The other images come along for the ride.

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