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Landscape photographs vary in how surprising they are.

I have photographed in 15 states plus England and Switzerland. However, New England has alwaays been my home and finding images here has been a sublime experience. It is now, my wife Susan Ziegler reminds me, a kind of documentary for it is slowly disappearing from the effects of climate change.

This is all view camera work from 1977 to 2005. 20,000 sheets of 4x5 film and countless miles and hours of shooting.

What I once considered bits of luck I now realize is the result of determination to find images where no one else had thought to look. In all the 28 years I never met anyone else photographing the same subjects as I was shooting.

Here are earlier and later images, a few outside New England, but they are my life and I hope something for others to enjoy.

I have still not finished curating and these are but a sample of the 700 or so images in the collection The Hidden World Of The Nearby.

NOTE: Clicking on an image will make it full screen and then you can page through them.Clicking on the two little arrows in the slide show will give you a full screen tour.

JW 4059 DETAIL  120x96 SCAN F0 ss edges contrast edges
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