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Sale from the archives.

When I began photogtaphingwith a view camera in the mid-1970s color printing offered few choices and all the good ones bordered on the impossible. Anyone familiar with the intracacies of high quality black and white printing will realize that dye transfer is many times more difficult.

A dear friend and superb documentary photographer, Marlene Nelson, agreed to photograph me making a print in the darkroom I had spent a year constructing. Slides from that show are, along with additional information on dye transfer are shown in a gallery under the heading PRINTING.

Thanks to my friend and associate in my photography work, Michael Conrad.

Dye transfer (essentially the same process as technology as Tecnicolor Movies was developed in the 1930s and today in 2021 with highly developed digital printers still has not been matched for richness of color.

This collection was assembled by Michael Conrad over 25 years ago. I have selected those that I believe represent the best of the process and is the last of the prints that I will make available for sale. Those shown here are all 20"x24", comparatively large for the print of that time. Prices reflect the rareity of available prints.


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