Waving Reeds & Water Lilies

Upperhadlock pond is not very large, perhaps 40-50 acres. It is backed by beautiful mountains, but the pond lies less that 100 feet from the road with only grass inbetween.

The reeds are a patch about 200 feet long and right at the water’s edge. The only time I have seen other photographers near the pond their cameras were pointing at the mountains acrosss the water, but my tastes run to the subtle designs formed by the reeds, the accents of the lily pads and the way the reeds wave on way and the water another. Sonmetimes the reeds are so thick they obscure the water entirely.

I love the subtle variations between quiet days and windy days, sunny days and cloudy days and even how the waves change from one moment to the next. And so I love Upper Hadlock Pond.

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