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Final Sale From The Archive

In 1978 when I began printing dye transfer was the only color process that allowed control of contrast and saturation, as was common in black and white printing. It also offered a very large color gamut that has not been matched by any current digital process, although my new Epson P9000 seems amazingly close.

A number of my dye transfer prints were put into storage very carefully and I am now offering for sale all except those that I wish to be part of my permanent archive.

Some prints have edition numbers. There are also a number of artist’s proofs. There are also so-called “demo“ prints that match the final prints but were not intended to be sold. I have crossed out the markings and initialized the modification.

All the prints shown here are 20" x 24." The prices are approximately those we were charging in 1995 when we stopped selling the prints. At the time our practice was to increase the price as the edition sold out. Hense the rarity of the print is reflected in the price.

All were part of an edition of 100 which in turn was part of the total edition (all sizes and processes) of 150 which is the number we put on prints we make today. There are no digital Dreamed Brook or Spring Sunrise Iprints for sale. The editions are considered sold out.

Prices for other images reflect the number sold as well as the number of dye transfer prints we have and also the demand for the partiular image.

Information on digital prints is under Purchasing.

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