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Wyman’s Meadow

On The Path

New England has a huge desity of interesting landscape although the most interesting is often by a busy roadside. Wyman’s Meadow was a few feet from one of the bussiest paths I know. If the weather was good and it was a weekend there would be a steady stream of hikers. As you can see they pass close by. In fact I met the wife of a famous photographer who took a couple of snaps and went on.

I was following a suggestion of a colleague of my wife’s who worked for the state parks depeartment. He had no idea what was here either. My contribution was noticing the glimmers in the first image and then returning and pointing my camera down at the edge of the small pond. What I saw was something like the fourth image and a realization that I was on to something.

Never before and never again would I see so many images I liked in one place. The water-shields were a combination of green and purple. The trees on the opposite bank were in just right brilliance and variety. I blew off a meeting and shot until I was out of film. I returned several more times that season and every year for the next 10 years but it never looked like this again.

Path At Wyman's Meadow
A View From Above
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