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Around The Pond

The Trails Of Walden

Roots And Pine Needles

My first visit to the pond was in April 1991 and I was disappointed. A deep kettle-hole pond from the last ice age but it seemed just a pond for nothing was growing on it or near it, or so it seemed.

However, about 3/4 of a counter-clockwise walk on the path around the pond I came upon these roots and there was much more to them than roots and so I went to work. I was blocking the path with my large tripod and moved between images for a lone hiker. I shot several images, but I did not return until six months later because my expectations had dropped.

Hoever, over the years and especially now as I spend time with each image I realize that my eye was better than I thought and I had learned some lessons. One was that if something drew my attention there might be a reason without my knowing quite what it was, but that it was probably a good idea to shoot.

The last image in this group is a good example. It was late in the fall (October 25th) and I was desperate for more red and all I could find was a small blueberry bush hugging a tree. But there was this unexpected trace of blue and it made the image. Now, decades later I notice the pine needles hanging on the bush and the image seems beautiful. It reminded me of Thoreau and of John Mitchell that one had to keep looking and expecting. Without expectation, one may look but not see.

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