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Just Right

More than One Miracle

Ipswich Sunset

Dreamed Brook, Breakdown Lane, I-495, Litteton, Massachusetts 1987

There is no such thing as a beginning. At the time I am writing this I am reading Paul Davies’s The Goldilocks Enigma: Why Is the Universe Just Right for Life… .

Just right for life. Precisely what does he mean by that. Understanding this could be the most important thing you ever did. Let me explain.

Just right for life means that when the universe was created everything: 100.0000000...percent (now imagine about 44 zeros in place of “...”,) EVERYTHING, not just every proton, neutron, electron but every elementary particle: quarks, anti-quarks, muons, pions, positrons and so on, have to be just as they are or we would not exist: “just right,” as Goldilocks said.

That is part one. Part two is you and me, just as we are now: my writing and you reading. I have to call this a miracle for science does not understand it and invoking god does not help with that. It just puts a name on the supposed cause.

So what is this miracle?

It is our ability to experience this life, to see and hear.

Experiencing the space you are in, every color, texture, movement comes from two small upside-down images on your retinas. This takes a little pondering for it is so famiiar we do not give it a second thought. And the same applies to the two little flaps of skin inside our ears.

If we were not part of the universe its existence would be meaningless for the sun would shine for no reason, with no one there to experience it.

“Experience” is that which is closest to us (for it is us) and yet it is in a way hidden for no one, no scientist, can explain it.

In science as well as in the rest of life the simplest is often the most profound and that is what we have here. The picture above was made in July 1987 from the breakdown lane of an interstate highway at rush hour. There was a very small concrete bridge and I was a few feet from the traffic. That was the only day in 10 years this stream looked like this.

The many hidden treasures I have found led to the title of my work: The Hidden World of the Nearby which seems a good metaphor for our consciousness that is our experience that is life.

JW Crossing Pike with Camera on Back_DSC1267
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