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To tell you of Beauty & Joy

Half a life in science and half in the arts and a consuming interest in the meaning of life.

Always “working“ (it was never really work) to move on to the next step. But always learning for learning leads to understanding which leads to creating which leads to beauty and joy.

But only if you are paying attention to what you are looking at, so you see not a preconception, but what is really there and so, perhaps, make a discovery. The same idea, of course, goes for listening.

Am I there yet. A feeling tells me not quite. What is missing?

In the final reckoning, joy and beauty are shared, and that is what this web site is about.

One does not try to create beautiful images unless one expects to share them. To stand aside as others look and smile. If one has not learned to share, one has not learned to live.

But even then the quest doesn’t end, for there is that mystery: Why? And you can skip to the CODA and read my attempts at an answer.

Next: I would like to introduce myself: BIOGRAPHY

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