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The Natural Landscape

Nature’s Hidden Worlds

Meadows and Streams. Singular Dreams. Budding Trees and on to Infinities.

I tried not to look where others looked, for I did not want to photograph something again, but only for the first time. And do it became The Hidden World of the Nearby.

This is Dreamed Brook photographed from the breakdown lane on Interstate Highway 495 in Littleton, Massachusetts in 1987. JW 0181

Susan’s Home for Little Flowers

By Invitation Only

My wife, by great luck, is a musician and a gardener. And so we have had many flowers for many years, but fewer now for age brings on other needs to care for.

This is a hydrangia.

Blossoms From The Sky


Luck. Lady Luck. Flower Lady Luck. What would I do without luck. Well I would try again, for trying again brings more luck. If you are lucky. Well, sometimes I plan and sometimes I don’t and this time my camera was looking down at my trundle and I asked Susan for a basket of flowers. Then by a stoke of...Luck? I haden’t a clue what to do. No little vases. Nothing. So the old fallback: DO SOMETHING. So being plucky I plucked and tossed petals or blossoms into the trundle and asked for more flowers. These are blossoms from year 2, and so this is Mélange No. 2. About 100 exposures so I can print it ten feet wide and it looks like the flowers are there in front of you.

Sing A Song, Play A Horn, Music Is Our Muse

But Sing With Harmony, and Perhaps Dance Too

Sometimes Luck is free with her time, but on other occasions her time is her own but sweet. There are many images here that I call LightSongs and (with one exception) they are all trios: me and one photograph made for me by Douglas Saglio in his studio of a single instrument, and my adored Photoshop. How? you say. Well I do give hints along the way, but to know all the keys to success, well be prepared for not hours or days, but decades. And also ten feet or more should your wall be too wide to hide. This masterpiece is called Allemande No. 7, for Solo Horn.

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