Press Comments

“...a mind bending treat... the prints vibrate
with life, texture, detail and color.”

—Boston Globe

“...captures nature with beauty, sensitivity, a
and a touch of the divine.”

–Art New England

“...immaculately and elegantly viewed in magnificent visions.”

–Grand Rapids Press

“...images of vivid color and stunning beauty.”
“...his photographs are breathtaking.”
“the detail and color of these photographs
draw the viewer almost hypnotically.”

“...the artist’s sense of form, his selection of
masses of color are painterly and vigorous.”

“It is diffcult to single out photographs that stand above others in this exhibition, but there are a few I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life with.”

—Memphis Appeal

“...a breathtaking collection of landscapes that might possibly change the way you think about landscape photography forever.” “...it is almost as though the scenes are being viewed through the eyes of an extrasensitive being.”

–Arrive (New Orleans)

“...you have transformed the routine into a magical moment, for I spend time in amazement, mysti ed, wondering how it was done. How is it you can see when I cannot? What gi do you have and why has life not given me the same gi ?... Yet how grateful I am for your vision for without it I would be cheated.”

—Walter Bala, photographer, Seattle

Red Tree, Newfound Gap Road
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