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Instrumental Interpretations

This is a varition on a project I began in the mid-1990s to use the forms of musical instruments to create completely new images. I took up the project again about fifteen years later. In these more recent versions the image is composed primrily of edges (or outlines if you wish) thus permitting layering and seeing through another. The image at the right is titled "I Can See Right Through You."

At first this may seem a neat trick, but I found as I worked with it amazing possibilities. In the image below, I have taken a saxophone, bent it carefully and combined it with 15 copies. I call the image Contradance with Ostinato." An ostinato is a repeated figure in music that plays in the background. Here I use the forground image, reduced in size and multiplied to to create the background ostinato. Once these elements are in place, there are infinite variations possible, a few of which are shown in the saxophone gallery."

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