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The Hidden World of the Nearby is a study of roadsides and beaten paths. Every image I can recall has happend directly by the side of the road or along a well trod path a short distance away.

This is Upper Hadlock Pond in Acadia National Park. The roadside is ordinary in the sense that there are many similar ones and there are many similar ponds. Almost.

This patch of reeds is easy not to see, and still easier to ignore and an intereting picture of the whole patch seems impossible, except in the context of the whole pond. But by far the most interesting images are within the patch of reeds. The common incidential things: the varity of colors in the reeds, the sky reflects in the water, the ripples or waves from the wind, the patterns the reeds make and so forth. They combine in endlessly different ways, sometimes a bit dramatic, but often subtle but endlessly interesting.

On every trip I made to eastern Maine, this was on my route. And every visit, no matter the wind–calm or blustry, or the sky–blue, gray, cloudy or sunny, intereting things would be happening to or among the reeds.

Often the a panoramic crop would be special, or occasionally reeds so dense the water was invisible. Following are a few of my favorites.

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