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Making A Dye Transfer Print

Images from a slide show made for me in my own lab.


Dye transfer printing was invented in the 1930s and was used in the Technicolor motion picture process and for making very high quality photographic prints. Until the mid 1990s it was the only way to print brilliant color and to control contrast and color saturation. It was, however, a very tricky process. Eleven black and white films had to be made in register before a print could be made.

I spent one year building a lab specifically for the process knowing that any glich would through everything off. I, and my dedicated associate Michael Conrad printed from 1978 until 1993 when Kodak disontinued the process.

Among other accomplishments we succeeded in making 32" x 40" prints, I think something unheard of outside of professional labs. I had to have a quarry in Vermont make the print rolling board. The pictures here were taken by Marlene Nelson in my lab for a slide show.

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