The Contradance is formed from a single saxophone, warped, with only edges in the main layer. A background “ostinato” layer is usually added and sometimes a middle solid layer also. Each of these can be infinitely manipulated in shape and color. Color contrasts such as gold over gold or gold over blue leave many possibilities. Borders can be supplied if desired.

Creating a form that is satisfying I have found is very difficult, especially one that can be morphed into variations that work well together. An earlier version was the diamond form and the odd variations are mostly on-of-a-kinds.

The size of the prints can be small or very large (by that I mean 44" x 43 feet). I suggest that smaller prints be at least 24" x 30". Even the largest need reading glasses to see all the detail. If you have a particular space where nothing I show seems quite right, e-mail or call me. You would not believe the variations residing on my hard drive, or the posibilities for customization or invention.


The Lines of a Saxophone

The Saxophone Story introduced the idea of “lines of music.”

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