Saxophones II - lightsongfineart
Original Saxophone

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The Lines of a Saxophone

What resides in the forms of an object is not so much mysterious as it is neglect: no one every thought to look. It feels as if I were driving looking for landscapes except that I am probing a single image of something very intricate and perhaps one could say not so beautiful on its own (in comparisson to a french horn). Looing here is done with a a kind of ”separation” filter that looks for certin things and leaves the rest out, in this case looking for edges. This turns out to be more difficult than simply selecting a filter, but once it is donel, there is an amazing rendition to work with consisting only of lines with nothing in between so one can see right through. Then it is up to the artist to imagine possibilities and work with them by any technique availablel. Thus, the contradance with ostinato to begin. Bending, coloring, layering, etc. and hundreds of variations as the eye adapts to strangeness until something satisfies. Further explanation is for the eye to discover.

The technique allows for enlargment limited only by the paper size the printer can handle, so in this case 44 inches x 12 feet is possible for larger walls.


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