Saxophones II - lightsongfineart

These saxophone images are where I have put in the most effort thus far.

They are mainly in a style I call "contradance" since the re-design of the saxophones reminds me of this formalized style of dance. The complexity of the sax when it is reduced to outlines (with occasionally some of the solid sax put back) is infinitely fascinating, especially when printed large and with good lighting. Additionally the clarity of the outlines (all film grain has been removed) along with the repitition makes each image clear as crystal at almost any enlargement. The very wide image below is designed to print 44 inches by 22 feet.

In most casses the background (or ostinato) is a drastically reduced copy of the forground dance replicated as many times as necessary to fill the image. The exception is the 4th image below which has no background or ostinato.

There are almost infinite possibilities in separately adjusting color for foreground and background and the degree to which one dominates the other.


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