A Pond In Maine

It seems strange to focus on a single pond, but I have done it twice, once in Maine and once in New Hampshire. I have focused on 24 different “gallerys” of nature attempting to show the glorious smiularities of trees and streams, and the beautiful differenes that emergy from images of the same water and reeds that on first glance one can hardly tell apart. In a nutshell that is a revelation of nature and of humanity. The complexity and variety of nature, and the stunning abilities of our senses and minds to explore among all of them. It brings to mind the whole cannon of western music a wonderful sample of which plays on our newely awakened music system.

If there is a joy and a failing in humanity it is the failure to look and see, to listen and hear, to study and learn the amazing creation within which we exist and which we constitue.

New Hampshire was a one time visit, found while wandering around an entrance to I-91. I cannot find it on a map to put a name on it.

This Upper Hadlock Pond, on a roadside in the middle of Acadia National Park. Other photographers photographing the mountains across the pond, I am my camera into a small stretch of reeds. I love what I see especially when the wind is blowing.

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