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This group is of work in process. Many have taken months of work, and for the most part I consider them finished. The names are my working names. I lost most of the real names when I accidently deleted this gallery.

Most of these images consist almost entirely of edges or outlines of the instrument with the space inbetween being transparent. If you look at the enlarged versions you will see that multiples of instruments lay on top of teach other and that you can see one through the othern. Then, for many of these I create a backfround as a layer of many small copies of the foreground.

Also each layer, or for that matter every part of every instrument can be colored. Images can be made in custom color combinations to match decor. These images are compelling from a distance and the detail is stunning with no ares out of focus or lacking in detail. All comments also apply to the french horn and flower melange images except for custom coloring which is not available for flowers. The images are particularly suitalbe for long halls, although I can print them in any size.

All the work on the original drum scans was done using ony Photoshop.

In all cases the result if a highly intricate and detailed image. A sample of the detail in the framed image is reproduced to the right of it. However to explore further, once you clik on an image wo enlarge it, in the lower right hand corner will be a group of icons. Click on the on that appears fo be a series of boxes. This will give you a choice of magnifications and click on "original". You can then scroll around the image at an magnification as if it were an 8 foot print.

The images like the 2nd and 3rd all have "contradance" in their names after a dance form they suggest to me. The various contradance images differ by the color of the foreground and that of the "ostinato" backgroud so images that at first look similar actually have a very different feel and when enlarged.

These images all enlarge beautifully. With the short end being 44" the long dimensions can be 10' and larger. Often the limitation is a limite on the dimension of avsailable mounting boards and glass. In these cases printing may be as dyptichs or triptyches. A very good alternative is canvas where the stretching if far cheaper than framing. Also, canvases are coated with a nearly indestructable semi-gloss finish.

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