Melangés Whole - lightsongfineart

The melanges were created when my wife and gardener responded to my request "bring me some flowers."

I had made a trundle about 18" x 48" and placed it under a high-end digital camera securely

attached to a tripod with its legs folded and clamped to a table so the camera pointed down at the trundle. The distance was such that the vertical axis of the image covered the short dimension of the trundle. I could then pass the trundle under the camera a few inches at a time. These images required seven sections of overlapping exposures. For each section I captured about a dozen images at different focus setting which were then processed by software for "focus stacking." This insures that the entire depth of the subject is in focus.

The lighting I use is unusual. The room has white walls, ceiling and floor and is lit by ultra-accurate daylight flourescents (5000K and 98% color rendering index). There are no shadows because of the diffuseness of the lighting and yet the color of the light is that of sunlight. If the prints are illumiated with 5000K daylight lamps, the effect is a bit startling in the radient brilliance and faithfulness of the color and the clarity and detail of the high resolution camera and lens. However, the most important technical detail is daylight without shadows.

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