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Blue Ice And Oak Leaves


“Ice is an interesting subject for contemplation.”–Henry David Thoreau, Walden

What attracts me to ice storms is how much they reveal about ice. In the form we usually experienve it chills our drinks, then dilutes them and then gets tossed. It waters our gardens, feeds us, cleans us and is about is as verstal and essential as air.

But an ice storm is another story altogether. As Thoreau says,it is interesting to contemplate. In a good storm there is plenty of it but not enough to wreck too many trees, but enough to put a good coat on every branch in site. Then its jewel like features come into their own and I thank chnge the landscape more than anything else temporary, but it usually lasts less than a day. The storm ends, the sun comes the the air warms and it is all over. To photograph one must hop to it, know a bit where to look, size up the situation and move on. But once in my life, the storm was different.

The ice came but the skies did not clear, not until the end of the third day. This gave all kinds of opportunities but I was lucky on the third day to remembrer the Fairhaven Cliffs.

This is private property so one must knock on some doors. No one home but I had been there before so excepted no angry shouts.

The Fairhaven Cliffs are just to the west of Walden Pond and overlook the Concord River. But what is remarkable is the view, I expect all the way to New Hampshire without a building in sight but the landscape is covered with a variety of trees.

After a few exposures I looked around and found the dregs of ice half melted around twigs, pine cones and pebbles.

My favorite is Ice and Pine Needles. Alltogether it seems the pieces have formed a comfortable home, albiet one that will not last very long.

I was about to pack up and head for supper when I (fortunately) realized that the sky had cleared and that I would see a sunset over an ice storm on as sceene that stretched from left to right as far as I could see. This is definitely a time to work fast. During the day the sun appears to move slowly but at sunset you move quickly or just take one picture, yet not so quickly as to compose or focus poorly. These images will be sharp and clear at 40" by 50" and if cropped to panoramics will be fine at 8 to 10 feet.

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