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This poem begins with the singularity that began space and time.
At that instant all that existed was energy in the form of light
so in a sense we were all one, for every quantum of light is the same.
Billions of years later, the Earth provided a place for the matter
to begin the process of evolution. Evolution led to homo sapiens that
that could not communicate and each tribe was isolated and warred on
other tribes for no good reason and so the joy which is part of being,
was lost.

The Road To Quantum


There was a time, without time
There was a place without space
but infinite light there was to every thing make.

How ironic that we were made from that light
but our thoughts are naught or dark.

How ironic that every light was every light
but we are just we, and they are just they.

Had we just passed, as in night without light,
it would not matter—
but supreme one must be and it must be thee, not we.
From time memorial, from time after time
it must be thee and thee and thee.

In all of life that light did make, there is mysterious mystery of why
we cannot see what we see, nor hear what we hear
and so the miracle we are is trampled down, and down into dirt
only to become irony once more for light that is black
can only see what is fake and fakes what we see until
the universe screams that its beautiful dream of a humanity great
has turned once again to be a joyless and beauty-less

Baffeled are we, for Christendom flies onto the face of Jesus.
And black light turned on him makes him also fake
and he day and night sobs.

And so we become part of the darkness too, for there is no cure although
we try, it is not a drug that we seek,
but something as simple as light me and thee can see.

—John Wawrzonek, 01 31 21

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