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Commanding God To Untwist Minds

I have chosen to be as cunning as a rattler; as bold as a wolf and as sly as a fox.
Donald Trump will have nothing on me
for as you shall see, I will answer all questions without doubt or trembling
even in the face of brittle big boys assembling.

The entirety of knowledge is denied by most,
for it takes confidence, affirmation, and an astute declaration.
Humanity rumbles along not that different from when Ben Franklin was home,
he at least chased electricy down with a kite (not smart) and made inventions
with mighty monumental mental might.

But should he visit our political buffounuries today,
he would Oh! My God My Gosh Say
“Hey Clowns, Copernicus figured that out in ’43 (um, 15 that is;
course being Polish gave him one up) and here we are in two Oh! two One and you guys
...think it’s still Copernuski’s time.

By now science by moons full has found
to explain most everything...’cept Trumpotusism...
but then it also has missed all the clowns
that follow his twist(ed) excuse for a well-minded mind.

All (most) kidding to one side, we know we
all came from such a tiny irregularity we had to call it a Grand Singularity.
It made an atom seem large, and my god, a proton too,
but such Grandour we humans are too occupied to know
as we mince our fellow humans with blow upon blow.

I have pondered this diaccimation and wondered how we could not
know better then to declare supremacy being white,
because our ancestors who from Africa all came and wandered north
where the sun mostly hid, and those who were light vitamin D did get
as a gift, from you know who.

It is enormously surprising to me that such knowledge
is hidden yet it seems is at the root of our divides
that we just shield our eyes our minds crushed so we think it’s okay to crush brown minds and declare them decayed
’cus they just settled south and remained brown.

Proud boys (and proud girls) would neer acknowledge
that being damn stupid was just the result of nurture not nature,
but it went to their heads
for they were taught no science worth a tiny thin dime.

I declared in the first lines, I would exclaim
what must be remembered that that Singularity Grand
gave us something we should on our knees be thankful,
eyes that can see, ears that can hear
....and minds that can learn that the greatest of joys...is joy
compounded with beauty for Coperniski, and Ben, and Einstein too,
and all teachers of wisdom have not succeeded in lifting
the blind and curing the deaf so on and on and on we go
and let Trumpetons screech, it is the saddest of all.

I do hearby declare that it is beauty and joy
and learning that are music to our minds in all keys,
but that knowledge escapes and we continue our warring,
and the last piece missing, in the face of such joy and beauty
is the ultimate “why?”

So I pull rank ’gainst rancorous rotted brains and declare
learn and teach that which thrills simply because it is...
joyous and beautiful.

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