SALT MARSHES - lightsongfineart


I BEGAN MY HUNT FOR SALT MARSHES around 1977 off Interstate 190 in Swansea, Massachusetts. After several years of frustrating visits in what had seemed a promising area I decided to try north of Boston, specifically the marshes in Ipswich near Crane Beach.

The first photograph to satisfy me was Salt Marsh Just Before Sunset (0065) that I made in 1983. The detail of the grasses is visible in 0064 and approaches a rainbow in its range of colors. I never explored this marsh in spring or winter so I don't know how the colors vary through the seasons. It is safe to say it was satisfying to find a number of images to add to my body of work.

One summer, I had a chance to photograph in Beaver Dam, New Jersey. The green sways were most beautiful and were mixed with grasses that gave them a character all their own.

Salt Marsh Grass


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