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The First Miracle

The beginning. (A rough draaft.)

There are images that haunt me.

One is in my imagination: it is the beginning of time and space. It is as small as anything can be, then it becomes everything that is.

Another is the one above. I call it a “contradance” but it is an emergent phenomina. From one image of a saxophone emerges something of beauty but unrecognizably different. The first image is the beginning of time. The second represents an invention of the human mind. Together they span all there is, except the essence of neither is part of our consciousness, and so too many of us are ignorant of Life.

The Beginning of Time

The beginning of meaning.
(to be continued)

That was 10.78 billion years ago and it is called the Big Bang.

Scientists call it a “singularity.” It was far smaller than the proton inside an atom. It lasted far far less then a second.

I call it a miracle for no one knows why or how it happened. You can say God did it, but God is just a name, not an explanation.

Now, 10.78 billion years later the most important part of everything that is...you and me and all humanity is here, now, in this place.

Remarkably, humanity has deciphered this creation with its miraculous minds.

But then, there is...today.


The miracle and the tragedy.

We all carry the genes of homo sapiens. We all are descended from a small group of Africans. We should be a family, but we have divided into tribes constantly at war.

We should be custodians of the earth, but we have used our “brilliant” minds to bring it to the edge of destruction.

What happened? Some of us are the cause of kindness and beauty. Others division, cruelity, discrimination and war and war and war for reasons that make no sense.

The colossal gift that learns, creates, hates and loves we do not comprehend the miracle that it is and so we are at the edge of destruction. And now, the year 2021 BCE is where it all comes to the turning point. Do we do justice to what we have, or do we destroy what we have. There has never been a more important time in the history of humanity.

And perhaps there is something more, the irony of ironies because the universe could not exist without us. If there was nothing to be aware of the universe, its creation would be meaningless, moot, of no significance. There would be nothing to know the universe existed and so its existance would be the same as its non-existance. For the gift this is life that makes us is the gift that makes the universe exist.

The second miracle

Homo Sapiens

You and me.

In another very small space in a unmiverse too large to imagine lives the miracle that is Life, you can look and you know that you are in a space with light and sound that is not you but your surroundings and as you move, they do not. I swear, no one marvels at the colossas far far greater than anything else. Except for...

The Third Miracle


Sentience is awareness, but it is what we are aware of and how we experience what we are aware of that makes us sentient beings. It includes, above all learning and creating. It is being. It is humanity. It is life.

But the dice are loaded. All of the above is put into our hands (or rather our minds) so we can be alive, and we must become as aware as we possiblly can or we will loose it all.

Why? This is something of a puzzle. Some humans have known this for centuries, but most have not and those that know: scientists and philosophers have dropped the ball, they have not taught well enough. So humanity, that came into existance as a family, has divided into warring clans, the greatest sin possible.


Conflict. Beauty. War. Kindness. Scams.

There are two questions that haunt me.

Why is life so difficult and cruel?

Why is life so beautiful and enjoyable?

These lead to two other questions.

Suppose we lived in a kind of garden of eden. No death. No war. No cruelity. Kindness might be unnecessary. Struggling to learn could be postponed forever. Life would not be life. Nothing would be better than anything else. Yes? No?

Yes we are all descended from the same group of Africans and carry more or less the same genes. Yet we form tribes that try to prove our tribe is better than other tribes, which leads to untold suffering, something most of us cannot imagine. Is it possible that hunters from hunter-gatherer tribes acquired traits that were kept in check and then blossomed when freed from the societial restraints of the tribe.

My opinion is that this is a likely contribution even to the present politicial situation in America. George Washington warned of the dangers of two parties in his first inaugural address. But the worst of it was slavery and that has not gone away. Legally perhaps, but not in spirit. Why?

Humanity has not yet become institutionalizied to the point that everyone knows just what it is and is taught the concept of a family of humanity, no matter the race.

Perhaps the only solution is CRISPR.

Is there hope that hyper versions of contradances, melanges, landscapes and flowers by artists far more advanced than I, who could capture souls and orient them to a different kind of competition. It often seems just a violent village of black holes. Or we could all become artists of life, and it could be a kind universe afterall.

Spring Sunrise I
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