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I assert that the past is just the beginning.
It is our future choices that will make a difference.

I have put myself in a place where no one should be,
for all I have to say, should be obvious to thee.

“We know all that” is what I want to hear,
but the ears I see have listened but not heard,

nor do I hear others speaking in my place for me.

So I watch among the beauty of life and find blindness
and no thought, for Vlad has been bought.

What can you possibly mean, a man of this character,
why he is his own man whether you like it or not.

And I say “Wrong” for we have all been taught by one school or another and so our minds are tied into knots , and the truth? Ha!, it may as well be burried deep in the ground,

or just the same it may have been tossed overboard and sunk, 10,000 feet below, and drowned.

How can I have the afrontery to blast the entire past of learning and say that I see what others have not except perhaps a few who have thought with minds free of baggage bought. Why all the noise I ask, I am just wanting to say a simple truth that may free us all.

So what could I say that could add some sensefullness to millenia of learning, and so comes the rub and smiles come from ear to ear for how could I reveal something new,
something that could break our supposed bonds. It is simple I say, but one must back up far away and look at a civilization’s whole, all that it teaches and all that it does not.

It matters little where you have studied for the history of thought has not yet shed the shackles of isolated domains. It is simply not possible to know the truth without spanning a wide range of learning. In science the emotion of life is a distant domain. In the humanities science seems so irrelevant compared to the writings of the great philosophers. And these are just two.

If you were to imagine all that we know were contained in a sphere enormous and asked what is missing, I will tell you the conundrum: it cannot be put into words nor can I explain the miracles that make a greater sphere possible, although there are hints.

Through thousands of years, since our hunter-gatherer life, thought has been added and codified left and right. Now quarks and leptons reveal the quantum, and Chopin and Mahler help us cross the next divide but from all that there is missing a very old virtue called courage, to make an assertion that beyond what we know, beyond the revealed lie great new fields for I just read for the first time the words of freedom from a child just eleven who spoke the truth of kindness that I have never heard so clearly articulated that it brought to mind from the bible that a child shall lead us.

We do not teach that we are all of one race, all from Afracians descended; all of one brain with no favors amended to the DNA we are born with. No. Forever we are divided by imagined religions, by the need of pride that we or we or we are the chosen and so forever we divide ourselves between Christ and Alah or thousands of other gods or differentians that suit our whims to give each tribe that which it seeks, to be different and above all, not meek. And above all a desire to be “Chosen.”

It settles down to truths few: we are one, we are born of a Grand Singularity, we are the same in all that matters.

Listen my friend and you shall not hear from politics and such a great asperation of joy and compassion, of a humanity where beauty and creativity rule for then there is no place for a Vova and his kin. Yes, he was bought by the school KGB, but we kid ourselves if we think we are far enough ahead to rest, for there are no laurals when slaves and garguantan wealth are the norm.

No, my friend, despite the large hadron collider, besides the enormanity of billions set aside our of reach, of those who put the produce of wealth at our feet, but remain divisable and invisible.

And so I assert that assertion is our destiny, that we stake out a future that makes all intelligence past just the beginning to our choices of what should, for all, lie ahead.

As hunter-getherers life was simple, for we were just a few with no impact on the earth and no weapons to fear

and the like...Oh! My God you are from Harvard and Yale and Standford bound, yes tied in knots with your knowledge profound and your noses drop clear to the ground for I am not by humanity known, I am just an engineer, who could possibly know...anything worth while.

And so I throw my gaunlet down, my voice drops three octaves and I growl “then why the hell are we up to our asses in alligators and nukes...Why my friends are you so occupied with the minutia of literature and thought and you know not one bit of knowledge not bought.

“What the hell do you mean, we are the elite, the leaders that will avoid defeat.” And I say you have not dropped the ball, you have dropped the whole earth and all who have trusted. Please allow me to tell a short story, it is like so many lessons a look that sees blindness where none was expected.

And just what do I mean? It is simple I say, have you truly heard the music of life that which is beyond words to explain, but lights up your soul? Well no we are so busy teaching.

And then have you consciously pondered the music of Einstein, Bohr and Schroeder, for if you have not you have leaned so far to one side of the other, you may as well give up, for you cannot tell one from the other.

In the great cosmos, derived from a singlular point science has found much light and much fun. But science is less than half of all knowledge and so you are hampered by going to college with a title that sells it self and does not know.

And the other side is also less than half so even both volumes of knowledge you are left...with Vova.

You look at me as if I am crazy, but you do have the courage to ask what I mean.

Very simply my friends for it is words that fail us so let me explain.

All of life happens in our souls which resides in the space above our shoulders, and the question of questions is what is left out by the way we all learn without realizing the doubts. What doubts you say? Life is infinite I say, it is sentience that which is beyond finite words, but it must be sought out not bought.

Life is there to be had but only by joining one soul to another each beyond knowledge bought, perhaps beginning with Chopin and Schroedinger so you hear a bit of the essence of what Life could be.

Listen my friend and you shall hear of the midnight ride of that infinite sphere that is the most marvelous thing it will bring you to a place where you can see and hear and be.

So how do we begin you say, perhaps recall a biblical way: “a small child shall lead” it says, and that child is here, perhaps just in Time and the first of his kindness, and also the first of his kind. But you must listen and hear although he is all of eleven, his mind is prodigious and were he to play a piano or violin, we would call him a prodigy ad applaud till our hands hear. Here I suspect it is our egos that will suffer, but it must happen or Vova and friends will see that we end.

Yes my friend, we are not out of college. The civilized that we thought had millina teaching have just left first grade (or is it kindergarten I am thinking) and unless we acknowledge this is so...Well it is near the end now, the earth is chopped, minced, burned and beaten but worse, all we know how to do is divide into tribes that yell and screech and say they are chosen so feel the need to shout about Jesus and Alah and kill maim, steal and enslave, and for the most part no true knowledge to impart but that we simply say there is not one way but to listen together to each other’s truth, and so learn the flaws.

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