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for a hollow man.

A man of the genus homo once discovered a use
for his great distinction –
for he was the only man in history who was

Psychologists, physiologists, philosphers, historians, thieves,
people intelligent and people ignorant looked, inquired, listened and found he was

However men, and women, some of god and some of greed
were filled with joy for this man could be filled with...any thing, for he was

So they gloried in his blindness for they had no vision of their own
so as he prostrated himself in mud, in slime and gloried in vilification
it did not matter because he was

Or so it seemed, but with the light of one dim candle
if he looked carefully he could see his vessel was filled after all
with terror as deep as any could ever be,
for very deep down he knew...he was

So he deceived all those about him and they granted
him permission to commit crimes and then resign,
and the consequences were not empty for he owned now everything
and he turned about to face the founders of this place
and took what ever he faced, until there was
no more and the greatest power on earth was now

There have before been tragedies and catastrophes, but no one
however selfish could threaten civilization itself and even the earth,
for this vessel was unique, it was in its capacity to destroy infinite,
it could suck up all that was good and color it black
and all that was black would now appear white and so...all was now

—John Wawrzonek, February 11, 2021

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