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In 2012 a man named Adam came to a town called Sandy Hook
and 26 human beings were dead, 20 of them children and so began
a new part of my life the part where all I could do was ask

Sandy Hook was familiar to me for there was a man there named
Warren who made machined parts for my photography lab. And then I learned that Craig, my niece’s husband, a pastor, counceled the first responders the days after the shootings.

And we talked and perhaps I learned something that I wished I had no reason to learn and my life was changed completely.

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I began work on a website inanothersshoes.com. For years after it was as it is right now in 2022, 2:50 a.m. But the shooting was only the beginning, for then I read of another impending tragedy.

I had only the vagest clue that the earth was warming and the warming was out of control. I knew little and little was being done, and I felt I was abandoning 20 children and the website became caringfortheearth.com.

I have since learned that I had made photographs that could likely no longer be made, for the temperature zone were I lived had moved south.

I could not imagine that there could be more but there was to be infinitely more for Donald Trump came, and truth was dead as were many, many people for he understood nothing but lust.

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