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Raison D’étre

Song without end

This is ostensibly the story of a body of photographic work. However it has a companion web site with two addresses: caring for the earth and in anothers shoes for there is more to the story than images, and is about to get a third hiddennearby.com.

The other web site concerns two topics: the peril to the Earth from our neglect, and why we treat each other as poorly as we do. That, in turn brings up a puzzlement, actually the most monumental puzzlement of all.

The universe, the cosmos has a story behind it that should we all be aware of it for after all, it is the beginning of space and time. In the past, we never bothered to question

At this time in late September 2020, I am feeling terror because of the inept handling of the pandemic by the President along with his neglect of the earth. He, along with many businessmen, are making decisions that will may well leave an earth at least partly uninhabitable.

As a photographer I have experienced global warming directly: the red maples that are a fixture of New England no longer turn red where I live. The red tree below with Walden Pond in the background was the last such tree I photographed. At the top of this page is a panoramic of the same area at Walden Pond on the same date but 10 years later. There is only one place with a faint glimmer of red. Waiting for colder weather just brings brown leaves.

If this were the whole story we could shrug our shoulders and go on about our business, but it is a warning flag.

The amount of carbon dioxide that will be in the air in 2060 will eventually cause a sea level rise of about 60 feet. The air temperature will be about 3°C higher than the historical average and by 2100 the temperature will raise another 3°C. Carbon dioxide stays in the air for thousands of years. Eventually the population of the earth will be a fraction of what it is now and all coastal cities will be submerged.

It would be an ironic and depressing result if my work documented the “fall of the earth,” but that is what may happen if sufficient care is provided for my transparencies, digital files and prints.

The Hidden World of the Nearby

One of the great pleasures and of photographing the landscape is finding beauty in unexpected places. A vernal pool known as Wyman’s Meadow, a few feet from the pond has given me some of my favorite images. They are in the gallery Water-shields.

Below is a visual tour of one image of water-shields. To see it as properly two clicks are necessary:

1.The arrow at the lower left starts the tour.

2. If you move your cursor to the lower right of the image, two arrows will appear. Click on those to fill your screen.

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Path At Wyman's Meadow

One rainy Saturday moring I was working in my gallery in Worcester, Massachusetts when I thought about what might be happening at Walden.

A so often happens, you have no idea what you might find.

As I reached Wyman’s Meadow the sun to graze just the right amount across the water-sheilds. I waded in with my large tripod and made this image and at same spot the others below.z

In my other web site I try to convey something of the magnificance of the universe that has given us so much. Here I am trying to convey the essence of the title of my collection:

The Hidden World of the Nearby.

Wyman’s Meadow, Walden, Concord, Massachusetts, October 1993, cat. JW 4062 Detail II
Wyman’s Meadow, Walden, Concord, Massachusetts, October 1993, cat. JW 4062 Detail II
Raindrops and Water-shields Detail I

And then the sun began to set....


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