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THESE MELANGES ARE A NEW WAY OF SEEING FLOWERS. They are a mixture of many varieties all fresh from our gardens. I photograph them under daylight illumination (5000°K) in an all white room so there are no shadows among the whole flowers (No.2) or the petals (Nos. 1 and 3). I make about 120 digital exposures. The prints may be made up to 40" x 10 feet and the detail is perfect even looking from one foot away from the print.

There is no deliberate arrangement except to be sure there are no concentrations of color or species. If the prints are illuminated with 5000°K LEDs (which are now quite inexpensive) the prints look stunning and probably unlike anything you have experienced before. 

We also offer the prints as squares (3 for a whole image) or a quartet of verticals (which also encompass the whole image.)

The squares and verticals may be purchased individually and the proportions custom made to your needs.

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