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FLOWERS ARE A CHALLENGE. Interesting ones have appeared often in my search for landscapes, but rarely in isolation. One of the most  common and beautiful for some years was the invasive loosestrife. I felt guilty at times since one of my most successful images (Dreamed Brook, JW 0181) was dominated by loosestrife. But for some reason they ceased their invasion and there are no longer enough of them to make a composition. However, all the flowers I show here were grown by my wife Susan, or purchased (the mums) from a garden center.

I have created "variations" for a number of images in Photoshop as part of my effort to move beyond the landscape. Working with flowers in Photoshop has so far proved fascinating and challenging. The first image in this gallery is one of my favorites and a bit of an accident. I had been photographing daylilies and left them for a  few days. These are decayed flower petals that are, in a sense, "restored" in Photoshop.

Daylilies After Several Days
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