RGB 75 NOISE 08 -200 brightness +noise + blurn dark




The flowers are on a trundle that slides back and forth. The digital camera takes a series of about 100 exposures.

I asked Susan to bring me a basket of flowers from the gardens that surrounded our home, which she did. However, I had not made plans of what to do when I got them. A bit embarassing.

Without thinking I started pulling the petals off the flowers and tossing them randomly into the trundle. She was horrified. I asked for another basket and she delivered and began to see what I was up to. It turned out to be more than I realized.

The illumination in the studio is the color of daylight or 5000°K, but because of the distribution of the light is shadow free. I move the trundle to take about 6 sections of the image and do focus stacking in each position, which accounts for the stunning clarity of the image. The installation shown in our gallery room is of a print slightly cropped to an image area of 40" x 115". It is perfectly sharp at as closely as you can focus your eyes. If illuminated with 5000°K LEDs the flowers appear to be there, in front of you.

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