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Flowers Gallery

Different Paths To Glory

It’s not your average flower shop.

In 2002 there were two important changes. I was no longer finding new places to photograph and global warming was beginning to take its toll. I now had a good high-end digital camera and paid a visit to our local garden center.

My first discovery was mums and especially their colors. So I began experimenting, not just with the mums but what I found in Susan’s gardens. And one more, a bargin orchid at the checkout counter at Home Depot.

It is hard to distinguish between inspiration, luck and desperation (more on this later).

I had set up a trundle, about 18" x 44" with my digital camera pointing down on it. This lets me make wide high-resolution images (44" x 10 feet or longer). These are some of the smaller results. There are more under Melangés.

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