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SUSAN'S MELANGES in a way do not fit the idea of The Hidden World of the Nearby. They are not landscapes in the conventional sense, and they were not found along some random roadside. Rather they are studio photographs of flowers from Susan's (Susan is my wife) flower gardens.

However, they are (or rather No. 1 was) purely accidental, and neither one of us knew they were there. I had been photographing mums and had created a setup ideally suited for these "Melanges" and for No. 1, when Susan brought me two large baskets of blooms I hadn't a clue as to what to do with them. Many are daylilies and so would start decaying in a matter of hours, even if placed in water and so with essentially no thinking I started pulling petals off the blossoms, much to Susan's (initial) dismay. I arranged them only to create reasonably uniform coverage and redistributed some concentrations of colors. The photograph was made in seven segments and stitched together.

The other two melanges were made two years later one with full blossoms and one with individual petals. The resolution is such that they may be printed up to 120" wide (that's 10 feet) with outstanding clarity. There is no manipulation of colors, just good lighting and a an excellent camera.They are, of course, available smaller and in various crops of which three squares from each original is shown below.

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