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One Garden ~ One Gardener

“Daylight” Without Shadows

After my work photographing the landscape with a vew camera I began looking for other possibilities. In the Flowers gallery you will see more experiments including panoramas of mums. I wanted to fill long walls. So I had a trundle with a tray about 18" x 44" placed under a digital camera. My wife had planted many flowers in our large yard.

So I asked her to bring me some blossoms and as soon as I saw the basket I realized I didn’t have a clue what to do with them. Without thinking I began pulling off individual petals and tossing them into the trundle. Susan was agast: ”What are you doing?” Then she realized I was creating a kind of tapestry. I asked for a second basket and arranged the petals and blossoms so there would be no colors bunched together to draw your eye, which is what I often did with my landscapes.

The studio has all white walls, ceiling, and floor and is lit by six ultra high quality daylight flourscent tubes. The effect is shadow free daylight. I photographed in six sections with focus stacking in each section, a total of about 100 exposures. I made the largest print that was practical, limited by the width of my paper (44") and the largest practical mpounting board (ten feet). One of these now hangs in our great room (see the gallery of installations).



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