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I have been blessed by my wife’s, Susan, passion for flowers, and by a roomy and fertile yard.

A melangé is a mixed assortment and just as I have often worked to remove a center of attention in my landscapes, I do it here. It invites the eye to wander sometimes with subtle clues where to roam next and sometimes with none at all. I have been blessed not only with Susan’s hard work but with some photographic luck. I had built a trundle under my camera so I could make a series of exposures by moving the trundle a few inches at a time. One July afternoon Susan brought into my studio a large basket of blossoms while I brought a lack of forethought (not unusual). I thought for a second or two “what do I do with these” and then started plucking the petals one by one and placing them in the trundle. Susan was not happy, especially when I asked for a second basket. Soon a kind of tapestry emerged and she calmed a bit. My only guideline was that there should be no concentration fo draw the eye.

There are four melangés of which this is the first. Click on the image to go to its gallery. Further down are smaller assemblies and a few eplorations in other directions.

The lighting under which the photogaphs were made is non-directional sunlight, something that could never appear in nature. I made about 120 exposures in six sections with focus stacking so every part of the flower gets equal treatment. When illuminated with 5000K LEDs, the flowers appear to be there in front of you. Prints are available in any size up to 44" x 120" (ten feet) and also cropped into dypticks and triptychs. Examples are shown in the galleries.

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