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Down The Rabbit Hole; Again

Some things you just can’t believe

The current New Yorker feature story is about a science fiction writer who deals with the warming climate. The subject is waking up go climate reality.

In case you don’t know the "rabbit hole" is really more like a Black Hole.

It is a very strange feeling to not being able to talk to most of my friends, since there is nothing to talk about, unless they understand that this is the most dangerous time in the history of this planet. And, for the most part we play along in the same way we did with Vietnam and the Second Gulf War. Millions of people died and we went about our lives as if nothing was happening.

Today we get hints of the catastrophe.

1. We knew this was comging from at least 1959 when Edward Teller addressed the 100 anniversary of the petroleum industry.

2. Many others (McKibben, the UN, a large number of individaul fighters and small groups.

3, But compstrf

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