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If it is not listed here then I am still working on it.

I am hearing dramatic music in the background and a voice. It seems to be some combination of Dragnet and “I Led Three Lives.”

There were definitely more than three lives. Engineer, marketer, printer, photographer, father, husband. They sound like many others, but many were a career all by themselves.

My first thought rings true with Malcolm Gladwell in The Outliers. It takes giant boodles of luck. Pluck of course, persistence definitely, never stop and have a philosophy, whether you know it or not. Mine: tell the truth, always give credit to those that helped (man was I luckly in that) and a kind of attitude of doing what’s next. Usually circumstances showed up and the right alley, road, person, task was there. Those that weren’t I ignored.

All this requires a great deal of expansion but at least there will be a list: Susan, Gregory, Dad, Mom, Dr. Amar Bose, Michael Conrad, who saved my ass countless times. Rose Morticelli who kept everything in order and whom I never thank properly. Mark Waters, was always there when we needed him. Joe French, Bob Petrucci, Mike Benes, Bela Kalman, Steve Grohe, Roland Zapp, Sherwin Greenblatt (incomparable) and hopefully I will remember a few more.

Susan made life possible. Mike made photography and printing possible. Dr. Bose and my father made everything possible. Sally made beginning possible.

Unforgettable: Susan called me from the dating service we both joined and was a voice major led to the most important words ever. After a long conversion working our way through the great composers of classical music, she said “And then there’s Mahler.” I said “Let’s have dinner” and music took its rightful and necesarry place in our lives.

Knowing I should go back to audio and knocking on Dr. Bose’s door, the most right door in the universe was the giant pivot of my life. Fourty nine years, from the first class he taught to just short of death. He looked through horizons.

Dad. “What no A plusses. Dad they don’t give A plusses. For you they should.” He also told me I should be able to break the law of conservation of energy. And mom cleared the way, cheerfully for everything.

So I have gotten a first cut out of the way.

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