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Color Printing Processes

An Unexppected Odessey

When I began making dye transfer prints in 1978, I had no idea what was in store for me and my associates 20 or so years down the road. As happened in many industries, technology caught up to and ran over us. I should have known and been better prepared.

However, it turned out that more preparation would have been futile. Nevertheless, it might have saved a great deal of money.

In this section I discuss three of the processes in detail (UltraStable, EverColor and Epson)and the rest briefly. This is by no means exhaustive. However, these three processes are likely the most important and I was bought out by EverColor, made CEO, and saw it through many trials and tribulations. It was, I believe, potentially the best of the processes, but in the end proved to have fatal flaws.

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