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The View

From Where I Sit


My photography would not be where it is without my wife Susan or my associate of 25 years, Michael Conrad. The young man in the slide show is Gregory who we adopted from Sochi, Russia in 1994. The little girl is his granddaughter Amelia, who visits weekly despite the virus. The piano in the distance is my Mason Hamlin 7' grand that in healthier (and younger) times made wonderful house concerts possible. It is in a room with superb acoustics and a fourteen foot ceiling which accommodates five of my 40x50 prints plus a 10 foot mélange. The view in my imagination includes my studio just below me at about the size of the room I am looking at.

I cannot believe my luck in all of this coming together along with my agent and dear friend, Joseph French. Hopefully my health will hold out so I can print the images for an archive. I have just been reading in The New Yorker about people wondering what life would have been like had they taken other roads. My view is that you must be lucky but most of all you must put everything into making the right turns. Whatever your start you will find the right road. John 12/21/2020

Over her shoulder is Walden, a turning point in my photography, a print I have looked at for 15 years. And to the right of that the view that includes our two grand oaks and the green fields of our yard and our neighbors. Finally over my shoulder is another image from Walden. And...below the windows, how could I forget, four Bose 901s. Dr. Bose was my teacher, mentor, colleague and friend for over 50 years.

Below is Susan’s view from “here.” I see the left half of this picture but this will give you the idea.

Before my hobble took over I used to walk in the back yard, as I used to walk in our front yard in Southborough. The sun is warm, the light sprinkled here and there, almost everything green. It was like that first note of the Mozart string quartet at the St. Botolph Club. You had to be there.

Ipswich Sunset

ABOVE, a portion of Susan’s garden in Northborough. Her gardens surrounded our home and provided the blossoms (and petals) for my mélanges. Below is mélanges no. 2. The image consists of about 100 frames in 6 sections with focus stacking. Printed at ten feet wide it has the detail of a contact print.

Much happened in 2020 that we had thought was impossible.

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