Writing or doing anything in 2020 requires perspective and then some.

We are very high risk for the virus. I am told that an infection would be fatal. Yet gloom, for the most part is absent, for we are incredibly fortunate in our isolation, with room, music, views and creative occupations.

On the other hand there are layers and layers of quiet doom. Our health is near a precipice as is our democracy and our planet. I have spent years studying and writing about our earth, and I am simply terrified.

When I began photographing in the 1970s the phrase “global warming” had not yet appeared in my life yet it had been introduced to the world of fossil fuel magnates in 1959 by Edward Teller no less. Congress was informed in 1988 by Dr. James Hansen. His appearance ultimately led to nothing.

The conclusions I draw from this are beyond terrifying, but that is as far as I will pursue them here for the discourse is long. You can read about my perspective at caringfortheearth.com.


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