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Learning, Creating, Beauty & Joy

Or Catastrophe

I am amazed not to hear these words spoken. When is the last time you heard the words beauty and joy come from the mouth of a leader or politician.

Abraham Lincoln prayed that our government of, by and for the people should not perish from the earth.

Yet a government for the people should help us create lives where joy is possible. But we have lost that fundamental perspective. Instead we fight over who gets the most money, crush justice, or become dangerous extremeists. This, and our neglect of the earth, has put us on the road to cause the greatest tragedy in the history of humanity.

Beauty is a creation that takes many forms. Scientists characterize elegant theorems as beautiful. Beautiful describes friendships, leadership and love. But it requires effort and awareness. It requires open eyes and ears and that is what artist’s dedicate their lives to.

I do not make photographs out of choice. I make them because I have to make them.If you are fortunate to have a passion to create and learn, then your life will be beautiful as well, although not likely easy. To do the best work requires that your mind be fully absorbed by the challenge, and you will do whatever it takes.

For me, just the first part was exposing 20,000 sheets of 4 by 5 transparency film while I dealt with making the best prints possible and with phenominal changes in technology. I tell those stories and more in the about section of this website.

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