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More Brilliant ~ More Audacous

Changing how people think about music systems.

There is memorable. There is unforgettable. And there is changing how the world thinks.

The Acoustic Wave Music System was historic in a true sense. In the beginning there were phonographs with everything in one cabinat.

Later there were high-fidelity components when companies realized there were significant improvements possible to every part of an old fashioned phonagraph. However, they did not realize the benefits of designing the components. They also did not imagine even more inovative design such as the folded resonators for better bass. Doing everthing with the total system in mind changed how the world thought about music systems.

Introducig the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System.

However, the system was so small we knew it would be thought of as a “Boom Box” and therefore every piece of marketing material was designed to counter this perception. Beginning with the press conference invittion below, the brochure and the extraordinary hand-made plexiglass model show the complexity of the design.


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