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The Search For One

To Make Music Everywhere

Humanity exists, I believe, to create beauty and joy.

But the history of humanity is one of destruction, war upon war, tribes that lord it over other tribes, and few that realize that humanity is a family I believe meant to all to care for all.

What the human mind can do is a miracle, for no neurobologist can explain consciousness nor any anthropologist explain the leap from hunter gatherers to Chopin, Beethoven, Art Tatum or music of any kind.

I am a pianist, amateur of course, but I play almost every day on a world class instrument music you might hear at a conceert and in my own limited way can feel what playing means and what it took to make it possible.

About 10,000 BCE our forbears began to move from tribes to civilization and then to war. But a few hundred years ago these same people, with the same minds we have and that hour ancester hunnter-gathers had began to create something utterly beautiful and it required something that feels so strange today: absolutely perfect cooperaton of hundreds of individuals: instrument makers and their teacher. Composers and their teachers. And of course performers men and women who could make their hands do the impossible. And when all came together, a leader to link their souls and bodies into one.

Classical muic is rare these days, which I think it is a great loss for all the above skills require a lifetime to acquire and for me it is skills that after a lifetime of listening I cannot believe exist.

I spent many afternoons with Dr. Bose, just the two of us in his office in a sense dreaming about something that could bring this music to life more easily, more conveniently, and more beautifully than had been possible.

I think it is true to say he had a dream that that he and his engineers could invent something that brought music to life, without effort on our part.

Below is a photograph of the outcome, in a kind of x-ray form, so you can see the complexity that leads to the simplicity for which Dr. Bose was searching. It includes 14 feet of something like organ pipes folded to fit. And below you can see the space that it must fit into.

And then the invitation to the press conference to introduce the music system. I told the designer, Michael Benes and and the copy writer, Brian Flood that it must be too large to fit in a waste basket, reveal nothing, but create great curiousity.

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