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Above: Textures In Grass, Anchorage, Alaska, July 1977.

Photography has always had a place in my life. However I first studied electrical engineering at MIT and when I chose not to finish my PhD my advisor, Prof. Amar Bose, offered my a job as the 5th employee of his new ccompany, Bose Coorporation.

My first reponsibility was loudspeaker engineering and quality control to which was added a NASA contract for motor drive systems for transportation.

After seven years I was offered a position as product manager for loudspeakers. I loved engineering but it was a bit lonesome so I moved into marketing. Soon the manger of advertising left and that was added that to my responsibilities. Fortuistisly this offered the opportunity to work with professional photographers working in large format. I had begun to experiment with large format cameras a few years prior and my new position stimuilated that interest further.

Bose was sending me on business trips to the west and that gave me a chance to expore. I traveled to National Parks famous for their photographic beauty (Brice, Canyonlands, Arches and others) but realized it was necessary to visit a site many times to get the best images and that meant photographing near home.

However, on a trip to Japan I planned to stop to visit a friend in Anchorage. I dropped off my view camera on the way to Japan and stopped for two weeks on my way back. After running into a black bear while exporing near Anchorage I found the foxtail grass (above) in the soft light of an Alaskan summer evening.

Upon my return I began spending all my spare time photogrqphing.

As my passion developed I began to find more subjects.

Below: Milkweeds from 1977.

Textures In Grass I
Milkweed I
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