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The Hidden World of the Nearby

1974 ~ 2020

Limited Edition Landscape Prints

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Introduction to My Landscape Photographs

After seven years at MIT and seven more at Bose Corporation I purcchased a 4 x 5 view camera and I am not completely certain why. I had photographed casually since I was a child, but this soon metamorphosed into an every spare minute occupation, traveling as far as I could around my corner of New England. Being an MIT engineer I was averse to being told how to do things so I took no lessons. Technically the view camera was about 30 minutes of fiddling and “so that’s how it works.” So if you think engineers can be annoying, just ask my wife.

So one of three things happens. You take lessons and go down someone else’s road. You try, get nowhere and quit. Or you stick it out untill something clicks, or you get luckly, or both. Mine was both, but I will leave that story for a separate space except to summarize that I found myself looking for textures first and then thinking about composition.

Over 28 years and 20,000 sheets of film some pictures must come out. I have divided the work up into 18 galleries representing a place, subject or theme. On the home page are 18 images that you can click on to go to a gallery for each. Below are a sampling of a few images from each gallery.

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